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    It is time for our next edition of Shankha. We are now in our fourth edition and we are happy to say that Shankha has indeed made MBA proud over the years as we have had the blessings of our members and contributors. Please rush in your articles, poems and any contribution of interest to our community for our Volume 4 latest by 31 October 2015. This edition will cover the events and happenings of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

    We would also like to appeal for advertisements and sponsors, as Shankha is a self-generating publication without funding from the Committee's financial reserves. Shankha has been given free to all members and as such is not an income generator that could facilitate a plough back of funds into production of upcoming issues.

    It has been a challenge to meet our publication deadlines due to the difficulties we have encountered to 'sell' advertising space. Please help us by spreading the word around and giving us contacts of people we could approach and appeal to for this. Many of you in corporations can help give us leads and we will follow up from there.

    We are also introducing smaller ad spaces, 'classified ad' style to accommodate more to come forward and advertise their services or products that Shankha can be a platform to sell from.

    We continue to urge housewives, students, retirees, anyone in the community who wishes to advertise their sweets, cakes, tuition, baby-sitting, tailoring, Bengali language classes, singing lessons, dance classes, yoga, Bengali cooking, computer repair, whatever that you wish to sell at rates as low as RM 50 per insertion. Hopefully if we have the numbers, whole pages could be dedicated to advertise all these and make up for our production costs which are in the region of RM 7,000 per edition. Please talk to Dr. Sandeep Poddar or email info@mba.org.my to see how Shankha can be your venue to showcase your services and products.

    The contact personnel for submission of items for the magazine shall be

    Dr. Sandeep Poddar : info@mba.org.my

    Without your contribution and commitment, it will be a great challenge to sustain Sankha.

    Advertisement Rates - 2017

    Full Page Colour Front Cover Inside : RM 3,500
    Full Page Colour Back Cover Outside : RM 4,000
    Full Page Colour Back Cover Inside : RM 3,000
    Full Page Colour Inside : RM 1,000
    Full Page Back & White Inside : RM 750
    Half Page Colour Inside : RM 500
    Half Page Back & White Inside : RM 350
    Classified (8 per page) Colour : RM 125
    Classified (10 per page) Black & White : RM 50

    NOTE :
    We would like to also announce at this point that all articles and contributions will eventually be vetted through thoroughly before print and that the editorial as well as the MBA committee reserves the right to accept or reject such submissions.

    Should your company be interested in taking up advertisement space in our forthcoming publication, we would appreciate it if you could kindly send in your Advertisement (in computer readable / Word format) indicating the advertisement type preferred.

    We also welcome enquiries for advertisements on our website.


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